Conflict is on the rise in organizations. Are you ready?

The costs of avoiding conflict are staggering, even if we don't always see it. Time wasted in unproductive meetings (or avoiding people altogether), implementation delays or mistakes, and reduced morale. In this course, your whole team will get on the same page about having productive and efficient conflict conversations. We'll cover three areas:

  • Strengthening your internal mindset, including understanding conflict styles and improving your EQ.

  • Techniques for better problem-solving, including interest-based negotiation and using coaching techniques.

  • Tools for better conflict conversations that we have used effectively with clients (and in areas of ethnic conflict, frankly) for decades.

Compelling, pragmatic, and concrete...

“In my twenty-year professional career, I've participated in numerous courses targeted at advancing business, workplace, and personal skills, including managing conflicts. The Conflict Resolution Training in PROPEL+ has been the first course that I've actually requested to revisit and re-absorb. Compelling, pragmatic, and concrete, Jamie Notter masterfully guides the learner through increasingly complex scenarios that find the light in the gray, and leaves the learner with tools for the real world.”

Srini Varadarajan​, American Association of Endodontists

Why should you take this course?


    We waste so much time doing end-runs around complete departments because we're afraid of conflict. Want to finish ahead of schedule? Then learn to do conflict well.


    Our data shows that organizations who handle change well also report the ability to deal with conflict easily. If you want agility, you need better conflict.


    The top talent won't tolerate a workplace full of drama and unresolved conflict, at least not for long. Create a workplace people want to be at, which means handling conflict.

Need help with a specific conflict?

Contact us and we can design a process for dealing with your team's specific issues.

Pricing Options

The cost of the workshop is based on two factors: in-person or online, and total number of participants. In-person trainings will be delivered at your office/location in a 3.5-hour session (maximum 35 participants per session). Online workshops are delivered through this online course and include three one-hour live zoom sessions with the instructor.

  • IN PERSON: $4,500 per 3.5-hour session (plus relevant travel expenses). Your deposit counts toward the $4,500.

  • ONLINE: First 10 participants: $1,900 deposit plus $130 per person (max = $3,200)

  • ADDITIONAL ONLINE: Next 90 participants: $3,200 plus $65 per person (max = $9,050). Above 100, contact us.

Course curriculum

    1. Pricing Options

    2. Getting a Head Start on the Course

    1. Course Overview

    2. Course Introduction: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict

    1. Overview: Developing Your Internal Mindset

    2. Lesson 1: Core Mindset: Engage

    3. Lesson 2: Emotional Intelligence

    4. Lesson 3: Conflict Styles

    5. Additional Resources for Developing Your Internal Mindset

    6. Assignment: Improving Your Own Mindset

    7. Unit 1 Quiz

    1. Overview: Problem-Solving Basics

    2. SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Pasha Orange Exercise

    3. DEBRIEF: Pasha Orange Exercise

    4. Lesson 1: Interest-Based Negotiation

    5. Lesson 2: The Coaching Approach

    6. SET-UP: Coaching Exercise

    7. DEBRIEF: Coaching Exercise

    8. Additional Resources on Problem Solving

    9. Assignment: Practicing Problem Solving

    10. Unit 2 Quiz

    1. Overview: Better Conflict Conversations

    2. SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    3. DEBRIEF: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    4. Lesson 1: Using the Ladder of Inference

    5. Lesson 2: The Secret to Better Feedback

    6. SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Feedback Exercise

    7. DEBRIEF: Feedback Exercise

    8. Additional Resources on Conflict Conversations

    9. Additional Handout on the Ladder of Inference and the Feedback Model

    10. Assignment: Practice Conflict Conversations 2

    11. Unit 3 Quiz

    1. Conclusion and Bonus Lesson

    2. All the Slides

    3. Other Good Books Related to Conflict

    4. Jamie's White Paper on Conflict

About this course

  • $1,900.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content