On-Demand Course

The two tools that PROPEL brings to every conflict intervention are the Ladder of Inference and the Beahvior-Impact Feedback Model. Now you can learn—and practice using—these important tools in this brief online course.

What you'll learn:

  • 1


    • Overview: Better Conflict Conversations

  • 2

    The Ladder of Inference

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • Using the Ladder of Inference

  • 3

    Behavior-Impact Feedback Model

    • The Secret to Better Feedback

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Feedback Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Feedback Exercise

  • 4

    Assignment and Quiz

    • Assignment: Practice Conflict Conversations

    • Show us (and yourself) that you actually learned the material!

  • 5

    Additional Resources

    • Additional Resources on Conflict Conversations

    • Handout on the Ladder of Inference and the Feedback Model