"Culture done right" starts here.

This is the first of 4 courses that cover the core concepts in PROPEL's Culture Done Right model. If you care about culture—no matter where you are in the organization—you need to understand these basic concepts if you want to make your culture better. In this foundational course you will learn:

  • A concrete definition of culture to help create a shared understanding among your team of what you're working on.

  • The real relationship between culture and core values (and how to do core values right).

  • The real relationship between culture and employee engagement, and how chasing engagement can lead you down the wrong path.

Before you buy this course, consider the whole package.

To do culture right, you have to start with a base level understanding of what culture is and how to change it. This course gives you the basics, but there are 3 other courses that round out what you need to know, and you can get them all at nearly 50% off.

Here's what we cover in the basic course:

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of course content

    3. Ebook that this course is based on

    1. Definition of culture

    2. Breakdown of the definition

    3. Additional Reading: Culture

    4. Assignment: Culture Inconsistencies

    1. How to do core values right

    2. Good and bad examples of core values

    3. Links that point to the examples in the video

    4. Assignment: Core Values in Real Life

    1. Why best practices don't work when it comes to culture

    2. Zappos case study

    3. Some Zappos Links

    1. The Billion Dollar (a year) Question: Why Isn't Engagement Going Up?

    2. The track record on engagement—and a better approach

    3. Free Chapter from our book on Employee Engagement

    4. Assignment: What Are Your Success Drivers?

    1. Busting the Myths About Culture Change

    2. A model for culture change

    3. Culture Change Links

    4. Assignment: Changing Culture One Process at a Time

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content