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To do culture right, you have to start with a base level understanding of what culture is and how to change it. This is course 4 in our Core Concepts series, and you can get them bundled at a discount.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of course content

    1. A brief history of culture in organizations.

    2. [Encore] Overview of the Culture Maturity Model

    3. Ebook that this course is based on

    1. Level Zero: Unintended

    2. Cultures Based on CEO Personality or Business Stage

    3. Level One: Idealized

    4. Connecting Values and Behaviors in Idealized Cultures

    5. Encore: Core Values Done Right

    1. Level Two: Designed

    2. Encore: Designing a Culture of Innovation

    3. Characteristics of the Designed Stage

    4. Level Three: Managed

    5. Investing in Culture Management

    1. Level Four: Embedded

    2. What Does a "Culture Operations" Infrastructure Look Like?

    3. Level 5: Integrated

    4. Integrating Culture and Strategy

    5. Take the Culture Maturity Assessment

    1. Congratulations! Now Where Do You Go From Here?

    2. Applied Culture Design Curriculum

    3. Applied Culture Management Curriculum

    4. Slide Deck for this Course

    5. Evaluation Survey for this course

    6. Claim your CAE Credits

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