Your Culture Will Determine What Sticks

How far you progress on the diversity, equity, and inclusion journey is largely defined by whether or not you have specific components of culture in place and active at your organization. In this course we'll help you see where you are and what you need to "level up." We'll cover:

  • The four basic levels of DE&I work, what they entail, and how far you've advanced.

  • The basics of culture and culture patterns and a self-assessment so you can identify which of the key patterns you have in place.

  • Strategies for developing the culture patterns that are lacking in your organization so your DE&I work will be more successful.

Here's what you'll get in this course:

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of course content

    1. Definitions of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

    2. The Different Types of DE&I Work (exploration, education, adaptation, transformation)

    3. Some Insights from the Experts

    4. Exploration Insight: Being Intentional About Language (Interview with Joe Gerstandt)

    5. Education Insight: Building Accountability into Training (Interview with Israel Greene)

    6. Adaptation Insight: The Importance of a Good DE&I Strategy (Interview with Sandy Harvey)

    7. ASSIGNMENT: Where Is Your Organization on the DE&I Journey?

    1. The Cliff Notes Version of our Core Concept Course

    2. Definition of culture

    3. Ebook on the basics of culture and culture change

    4. The 8 Dominant Culture Patterns

    5. Case Study: Sometimes Silos are Good

    1. Connecting the Dots between Culture and DE&I

    2. The Culture You Need for Exploration: Open and Supportive

    3. The Culture You Need for Education: Accountability and Feedback

    4. The Culture You Need for Adaptation: Fluid Hierarchy and Boundary Lines

    5. The Culture You Need for Transformation: Truth-Centric and Employee-Centric

    6. ASSIGNMENT: Where Does Your Culture Need Work

    1. Start Culture Change and DE&I at the Same Time

    2. Successful Exploration: Build Out Your Transparency Architecture

    3. Successful Education: Invest in Well-being

    4. Successful Adaptation: Cross-Training

    5. Successful Transformation: Principled Customization

    6. ASSIGNMENT: Submit Your Action Plan

    1. Culture Assessment, Culture Design, and Culture Coaching

    2. Demo Webinar of the WorkXO Culture Assessment and Platform

    3. What Is Culture Design? [from Core Concepts course]

    4. Example: Designing a Culture of Innovation [from Core Concepts Course]

    5. Culture Coaching

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  • 3.5 hours of video content

Start building the foundation for truly transformative diversity, equity, and inclusion work.