Expand the impact of both your leadership and your organization.

This course teaches you to remove the obstacles that are holding you back at three levels: personal, team, and organization.

Switching to a growth mindset will give you just the boost you need in today's environment. UNIT 1: You'll learn more about your own leadership style (through the included DiSC assessment), so you can bust out of your comfort zone and start achieving more. UNIT 2: you learn how to have better conflict conversations so you can speed up the performance of your team. Unit 3: You'll learn how to spot the patterns inside your culture that are causing friction, so you can start crushing your organizational goals. And that's just a sample (see full outline below). The growth mindset is required for leaders who want to succeed today.

What's included?

This isn't a glorified webinar. You'll get more than 7 hours of video content, backed up by templates, frameworks, and assignments for converting the content into action. Each of the three Units comes with its own assessment (personality/work style, team effectiveness, and culture patterns), all with personalized reports. We'll even send you 5 top-notch business books—all designed to help you make real changes to your leadership and your organization, like:

  • One CEO used the growth mindset to change the way his team dealt with conflict, and they started consistently finishing complex projects both ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • One trade association management team applied the growth mindset to how they track and manage organizational goals and priorities and are now on their way to doubling their revenue in only 3 years.

  • Another association used the growth mindset to instill a true culture of innovation, committed to leading their members into the future rather than just responding to their immediate demands.

What participants are saying:

“I signed up for this course along with my CEO because we are working to ensure our senior team can evolve to work with a growth mindset for the organization. Our association, along with many others, have faced challenges and changes in the coming year and we wanted to equip ourselves for success as much as possible. The course was self-guided and paced, which allowed us to work together at our own speed and consider how we might educate and roll these principles out to our senior team as well. I highly recommend taking this course along with another person on your team, if possible.”

Suzanne Sletto, CAE, Chief of Staff, American College of Chest Physicians


  • How is this different from the original version?

    In the first version of the course, we organized it as a bootcamp, with a series of six live sessions over a three week period. In version 2, we took away the pre-scheduled sessions (it was hard to get everyone on zoom at the same time), but we did include three one hour calls with the instructor to process the learning. This is version 3 of the course, and we re-structured it to be completely self-service now. You can complete all the lessons at your own pace, working around your existing schedule. We streamlined both the content and the process, which allowed us to make the price more accessible.

  • What's the time commitment?

    There are three units, each with about 2.5 hours of video lessons (broken into 15-20 minute chunks), plus a couple of assignments you complete on your own. We recommend you set aside two 1-hour blocks each week to focus on the course, and you'll be done within a month. That's doable, right?

  • Will there be live sessions with the instructor?

    No. The original version of this course was cohort-based and had three live zoom sessions, but we took those out to make the course more affordable and flexible for users.

  • Do you offer a group discount?

    Yes. It's 25% off ($746 per person) when sending 3 or more people. Contact us for a coupon code.

  • Can I get CAE credits?

    Yes! We are an approved CAE provider, and this this program may be applied for 8 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

  • What's included in the course?

    Just scroll down past the video to see the full outline.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to our Growth Mindset Course! [START HERE]

    2. Complete this brief form to unlock the course content

    1. Kickoff and Overview of Unit 1

    2. Taking the DiSC assessment

    3. Expanding Your Comfort Zone (using DiSC) Part 1

    4. Expanding Your Comfort Zone (using DiSC) Part 2

    5. Comfort Zone Assignment

    6. The Real Reason People Won't Change (Competing Commitments)

    7. Competing Commitments Assignment

    8. The Art of the Open Mind (Confident Humility)

    9. Adam Grant Interview (via YouTube)

    10. A Word About SMART Goals

    11. DUMB Goals (Decisive, Unique, Meaningful, Bold)

    12. Creating your own personal DUMB Goals

    13. Unit 1: Resources and Links

    14. UNIT 1 Integration

    15. Your thoughts on Unit 1

    1. UNIT 2 Overview

    2. Take your 5 Behaviors assessment

    3. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

    4. Assignment: 5 Behaviors

    5. Set up for the Conflict Modules

    6. SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    7. DEBRIEF: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    8. Conflict: The Ladder of Inference

    9. Conflict: The Secret to Better Feedback

    10. SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Feedback Exercise

    11. DEBRIEF: Feedback Exercise

    12. Trust as a System

    13. Building Systems of Trust

    14. Assignment: Building Systems of Trust

    15. Achieving Consensus While Maintaining Speed

    16. Resources and Links, Unit 2

    17. UNIT 2 Integration

    18. Your thoughts on Unit 2

    1. Unit 3 Overview

    2. Instructions for the Culture Patterns Assessment

    3. Culture Patterns: Agility and Innovation

    4. Culture Patterns: Growth and Solutions

    5. Culture Change 101

    6. Assignment: Culture Plays to support growth

    7. Growth Requires you to Connect Culture to the Rest of Your Organization

    8. Creating a System of Accountability

    9. The Truth About Digital Transformation

    10. Managing Up: Interview with Author Mary Abbajay

    11. Unit 3 Integration

    12. Links and Resources Unit 3

    13. Your thoughts on Unit 3

    1. The many paths forward

    2. Post-Bootcamp Questionnaire

  • 50 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content