• What's the time commitment?

    About an hour each work day, on average. And you can fit everything in around your existing schedule. But that's 15 hours of solid content (and you didn't have to set foot on a plane).

  • Is there a group discount?

    Yep. Two or more from the same company is $1,250 each. Email info@propelnow.co and we'll send you either a coupon code or an invoice (your choice).

  • Do I have to pay online with a credit card?

    Nope. Email info@propelnow.co and we can get an invoice sent to you. Then we'll email you your login credentials.

  • Can I get a private version of the course only for my team?

    Yep. Email jamie@propelnow.co for the details.

  • Can I get CAE credits?

    Our application for approval for CAE credit is in process, but given the overlap of what's in this course and what's on the CAE exam, we're pretty optimistic (should be 6 credits for the live portions of the course).

  • What's included in the course?

    Just scroll down past the video.

Watch Intro Video

VIDEO: Quick Course Overview

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Growth Mindset Bootcamp! [START HERE]

    • Where should we send your books?

    • Pre-Bootcamp questionnaire

    • Getting ready to start

    • Introduce yourself to the group

  • 2

    WEEK 1: Your Personal Growth Mindset

    • Live Kickoff Session Week 1 [June 7, 12:30pm ET]

    • Audio Recording of the Kickoff session

    • Taking the DiSC assessment

    • Expanding Your Comfort Zone (using DiSC)

    • Comfort Zone Assignment

    • The Real Reason People Won't Change (Competing Commitments)

    • Competing Commitments Assignment

    • The Art of the Open Mind (Confident Humility)

    • Adam Grant Interview

    • DUMB Goals (Decisive, Unique, Meaningful, Bold)

    • Creating your own personal DUMB Goals

    • Week 1 Open Discussion

    • Live Synthesis Session for Week 1 [June 11, 12:30pm ET]

    • Resources and Links


  • 3

    Week 2: The Team Growth Mindset

    • Live Kickoff Session Week 2 [June 14, 12:30pm ET]

    • Take your 5 Behaviors assessment

    • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

    • Assignment: 5 Behaviors

    • Set up for the Conflict Modules

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • Conflict: The Ladder of Inference

    • Conflict: The Secret to Better Feedback

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Feedback Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Feedback Exercise

    • Building Systems of Trust

    • Assignment: Building Systems of Trust

    • Achieving Consensus While Maintaining Speed

    • Live Synthesis Session for Week 2 [June 18, 12:30pm ET]

    • Week 2 Open Discussion

    • Resources and Links, Week 2

  • 4

    Week 3: The Organizational Growth Mindset

    • Live Kickoff Session Week 3 [June 21, 12:30pm ET]

    • Instructions for the Culture Patterns Assessment

    • Culture Patterns Assessment

    • Culture Patterns: Agility and Innovation

    • Culture Patterns: Growth and Solutions

    • Culture Change 101

    • Assignment: Culture Plays to support growth

    • Creating a System of Accountability

    • The Truth About Digital Transformation

    • Managing Up: Interview with Author Mary Abbajay

    • Managing Up with Senior Staff and Board

    • Week 3 Open Discussion

    • Live Closing Session [June 24, 12:30pm ET]

    • Links and Resources Week 3

  • 5


    • The many paths forward

    • Post-Bootcamp Questionnaire

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