What will you get?

Achieving a Growth Mindset isn’t a simple flip of a switch, which is why our online Growth Mindset Bootcamp covers content from the individual all the way to organizational culture. Through a combination of live sessions, recorded content, peer-to-peer interaction, and concrete application exercises, we’re offering a unique opportunity to up your leadership game. The course includes everything listed on the right (plus 8 CAE credits if you need them!). Teams/groups also have the option of adding on a half-day virtual workshop to apply the learnings to their unique situations.

  • 90 minutes of live Q&A sessions plus 7.5 hours of self guided content

  • Templates, frameworks, and guided homework assignments for converting content into action

  • A personality assessment, a team performance assessment, and a mini culture assessment, all with personalized reports

  • 5 books (not even ones written by us!) to support your learning

  • Concrete tools and frameworks you can apply directly to your own growth and innovation

  • One-on-one support from Jamie Notter

What participants are saying:

“I signed up for this course along with my CEO because we are working to ensure our senior team can evolve to work with a growth mindset for the organization. Our association, along with many others, have faced challenges and changes in the coming year and we wanted to equip ourselves for success as much as possible. The course was self-guided and paced, which allowed us to work together at our own speed and consider how we might educate and roll these principles out to our senior team as well. I highly recommend taking this course along with another person on your team, if possible.”

Suzanne Sletto, CAE, Chief of Staff, American College of Chest Physicians


  • When does the next cohort start?

    February 15, 2022. You can enroll in the course now to secure your spot, but we won't turn on the content for you until the 2/15.

  • How do the live sessions work?

    The course is mostly on-demand—you can complete the lessons at your own pace and on your own schedule. But to reinforce the learning, we're giving you three Q&A zoom calls with Jamie, one after you complete each of the three Units. You can ask questions, discuss your assignments, and get input on your growth mindset journey. A call is scheduled every month.

  • What's the time commitment?

    You can complete the course at your own pace. There are three units, each with about 2.5 hours of video lessons (broken into 15-20 minute chunks), plus a couple of assignments you complete on your own. Since most people are fitting this in around their other work, it's usually a month or two before they can complete it, but honestly there is no hurry.

  • Do you offer a group discount?

    Absolutely. It's 33% off ($1,197 per person) when sending between 3 and 10 people. Above 10, the per-person rate drops to $598 (67%). Groups also have the option of taking the course in a private instance and adding a half-day virtual application workshop with Jamie (see question below).

  • What is the Application Workshop for teams/groups?

    In addition to the group discount (see question above) teams also have the option of adding a half-day virtual application workshop to help your team apply the learning in each unit to your specific circumstances (for an additional fee of $1,500).

  • Do I have to pay online with a credit card?

    Nope. Email info@propelnow.co and we can get an invoice sent to you. Upon payment, we'll email you your login credentials directly.

  • Can I get CAE credits?

    Yes! We are an approved CAE provider, and this this program may be applied for 8 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

  • What's included in the course?

    Just scroll down past the video to see the full outline.

Watch Intro Video

VIDEO: Quick Course Overview

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Growth Mindset Learning Intensive! [START HERE]

    • Introduce yourself [optional]

    • Submit the "Getting Started" assignment in order to start the course

  • 2

    UNIT 1: Your Personal Growth Mindset

    • Kickoff and Overview of Unit 1

    • Taking the DiSC assessment

    • Expanding Your Comfort Zone (using DiSC) Part 1

    • Expanding Your Comfort Zone (using DiSC) Part 2

    • Comfort Zone Assignment

    • The Real Reason People Won't Change (Competing Commitments)

    • Competing Commitments Assignment

    • The Art of the Open Mind (Confident Humility)

    • Adam Grant Interview (via YouTube)

    • DUMB Goals (Decisive, Unique, Meaningful, Bold)

    • Creating your own personal DUMB Goals

    • Unit 1 Open Discussion

    • Unit 1: Resources and Links

    • UNIT 1 Integration

    • UNIT 1 Q&A Session

  • 3

    UNIT 2: The Team Growth Mindset

    • UNIT 2 Overview

    • Take your 5 Behaviors assessment

    • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

    • Assignment: 5 Behaviors

    • Set up for the Conflict Modules

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Fran and Bob Conflict Exercise

    • Conflict: The Ladder of Inference

    • Conflict: The Secret to Better Feedback

    • SET-UP and DOWNLOADS: Feedback Exercise

    • DEBRIEF: Feedback Exercise

    • Building Systems of Trust

    • Assignment: Building Systems of Trust

    • Achieving Consensus While Maintaining Speed

    • Unit 2 Open Discussion

    • Resources and Links, Unit 2

    • UNIT 2 Integration

    • UNIT 2 Q&A Session

  • 4

    UNIT 3: The Organizational Growth Mindset

    • Unit 3 Overview

    • Instructions for the Culture Patterns Assessment

    • Culture Patterns Assessment

    • Culture Patterns: Agility and Innovation

    • Culture Patterns: Growth and Solutions

    • Culture Change 101

    • Assignment: Culture Plays to support growth

    • Creating a System of Accountability

    • The Truth About Digital Transformation

    • Managing Up: Interview with Author Mary Abbajay

    • Unit 3 Open Discussion

    • Unit 3 Integration

    • Links and Resources Unit 3

    • UNIT 3 Q&A Session

  • 5


    • The many paths forward

    • Post-Bootcamp Questionnaire