Reopen the office in a way that works for everyone

Start by making the 4 culture decisions.

Until you understand and adapt your culture to the deeper structural changes that have happened to the workplace since the pandemic started, your reopening plans are going to be continuously off track. You need to make some important decisions about (1) how much customization your employees can expect, (2) the true value of your physical workspace, (3) how collaboration will change in the new set up, and (4) how will you be managing supervision and accountability. In this virtual workshop, we’ll facilitate four 1-hour zoom calls (and optional 2-hour deep dives) with your senior management team to tackle the culture questions and apply your decisions to the evolving strategy.

What participants are saying...

“We really appreciated working with you on this. You helped us think and talk through some important strategic as well as operational issues, and helped frame some of the crucial cultural matters that we need to address as we rebuild our workspaces and workplaces.”

Christina Bisanz, CEO of a Canadian nonprofit with 300 staff

How Does it Work?

We will convene your management team for 4 separate zoom calls to work through the culture decisions. You can schedule them at times that work for you. After the last call, we will write up a summary report with recommendations.

  • We'll send you pre-work prior to each call with questions to consider and sometimes data to gather.

  • We'll record the zoom calls and you'll keep the recordings and can share them internally.

  • We can review any existing plans or documents related to your hybrid office strategy that might need to be changed based on your results.

Optional Deep Dives

As a follow up to the workshop, we are partnering with two experts who can help you start planning out your next steps, based on the culture decisions you just made. Each two-hour deep dive will cost an additional $2,000.

  • Technology Deep Dive


    We will co-facilitate a 2-hour call with Rick Bawcum, CEO of Cimatri, a strategic IT consulting firm, who will help you map out the technology implications of your decisions.

  • Office Space Deep Dive


    In this two-hour call with your management team, Colleen Scott, owner of a commercial real-estate project management company, can help you map-out possible modifications to your office space.

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