"Priority-Based Execution" is a system for implementing your strategic plan with more agility, focus, and accountability.

The system is rooted in your culture, but driven by processes and approaches that are not commonly used in the association community. Just because you're a small association, doesn't mean you can't have big impact. Learn our system, which includes:

  • Setting and implementing QUARTERLY organizational priorities that help you hit your longer-term targets more consistently and ahead of schedule.

  • Tracking both lagging and leading indicators to keep everyone both accountable AND adaptable as the environment changes.

  • Keeping your team (and your volunteers) more tightly aligned about what needs to be done, reducing distractions.

  • Continuously scanning your culture for areas of friction and then fixing those quickly and cleanly.

Registration for the next cohort closes December 6.

The course has 6 live monthly zoom sessions, supported by videos, templates, and other resources in the platform. Plus you'll have at least 5 other small-staff association leaders in the virtual course with you to get feedback and share ideas (and you'll get 8 CAE credits if you need them!).

Watch Intro Video

A quick video explanation of how our system of Priority-Based Execution works


  • What will I be able to do differently at the end of this course?

    You'll be more sophisticated with strategy, changing when you need to, but also sticking to your guns when you need to. You'll be much better at metrics, using them to learn and drive results. And you'll up your game on how you actively manage culture, making sure it drives your success.

  • What is the date for the first monthly session?

    It hasn't been set yet. We'll wait for the cohort to be formed and then work with the group to find dates and times that work.

  • What if I have a conflict and can't make one of the live sessions?

    They will be recorded and posted into the online platform, and in a pinch, remember Jamie's only an email away.

  • Can I get CAE credits?

    Yes! We are an approved provider and this course has 6 credits of live instruction, plus 2 credits of on-demand content.

  • Can other members of my staff participate in the course?

    Well, yes, but at $1500 each. This program is designed for a small-staff CEO, and we expect that you will complete the exercises and assignments with your senior team or other staff members back at the office, so they will benefit from the program in that way.

  • What if I need individual, 1:1 coaching?

    We offer that too. It's $1,500 per month for an individual CEO, and $3,000 per month for your whole management team.

  • Will there be a follow up course when this one is done?

    We're working on a course with a small monthly subscription where anyone (from any of the cohorts) can participate and get feedback on their ongoing system-building activities.

Program Outline

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. What is the PROPEL system of Priority-Based Execution?

    3. Submit this assignment in order to start the course

    1. LIVE SESSION: Overview and Prep for Long-Term Strategy Assignment

    2. VIDEO LESSON: Strategy Visibility

    3. VIDEO LESSON: Creating a System of Accountability [from Growth Mindset Intensive]

    4. ASSIGNMENT: Pages to Read in Scaling Up

    5. TEXT: Explanation of the 7 Strata of Strategy

    6. RESOURCE: Scaling Up Version of "One" page strategic plan

    7. TEMPLATE: Template/Instructions for an abridged version of the 2 Page Strategic Plan

    8. ASSIGNMENT: Complete the Left Page of Your 2PSP

    1. LIVE SESSION: Review/Debrief Long Term Strategy -- Prep for Short Term Strategy Assignment

    2. VIDEO LESSON. Quarterly Focus

    3. RESOURCE: Instructions on Creating Quarterly Rocks

    4. RESOURCE: Metrics Primer

    5. TEMPLATE: Quarterly Rocks Planner

    6. ASSIGNMENT: Complete the Right page of Your 2PSP

    1. LIVE SESSION: Review of 2PSP -- Workshop on Board/Senior Team Alignment

    2. VIDEO LESSON. The Top's Role in Culture

    3. RESOURCE: Breakdown of the RACI model of decision-making roles

    4. VIDEO LESSON: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team [from Growth Mindset Intensive]

    1. LIVE SESSION: Review Board Alignment -- Prep for Internal Information Flow

    2. VIDEO LESSON. Meetings and Information Flow

    3. RESOURCE: Meetings Primer

    4. TEMPLATE: Daily Huddle

    5. TEMPLATE: Weekly Huddle

    6. TEMPLATE: Progress Tracker

    1. LIVE SESSION: Review Information Flow -- Prep for Culture Friction

    2. VIDEO LESSON: Culture Alignment

    3. RESOURE: CultureThatWorksEbook2018

    4. RESOURCE: Culture_Priorities_101

    5. ASSESSMENT: Instructions for the Culture Patterns Assessment

    6. ASSESSMENT: Culture Patterns Assessment

    7. ASSIGNMENT: Culture Friction Conversation

About this course

  • $1,500.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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