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    1. Welcome to the Propel Readiness Assessment

    2. C1: People know what our culture is

    3. C2: We continuously align our culture with what makes us successful

    4. C3: The top of the organization lives the culture, and ensures integration with strategy and execution

    5. S1: People know what our strategy is

    6. S2: We're laser focused on what we should be doing on a quarterly basis

    7. S3: People know what our progress is

    8. E1: We are masters of internal meetings and information flow

    9. E2: We are hyper aware of what members/customers/stakeholders (MCS) want, need, and experience on a continuous basis.

    10. E3: There is zero confusion about who is accountable for what.

    11. E4: Everyone can measure their own success, every day (week, month, quarter, year…)

    1. Culture Habits Overview

    2. C1. Culture Visibility

    3. C1. Suggested Action Items

    4. C1. Additional Reading

    5. Culture Code 101

    6. One Page Personal Plan Worksheet

    7. The Difference Between Mission, Vision, and Values

    8. Culture Priority Example

    9. Core Value Exercise

    10. Mantra Exercise

    11. Culture in HR Processes Exercise

    12. C2. Culture Alignment

    13. C2. Suggested Action Items

    14. Culture Priorities

    15. Success Drivers 101

    16. Culture Friction Exercise

    17. Culture Metrics Exercise

    18. Business Results Exercise #1

    19. Business Results Exercise #2

    20. C3. The Top's Role in Culture

    21. C3. Suggested Action Items

    22. Culture Team Charter

    23. Culture Friction Leadership Team Discussion

    24. Team Leadership Support Exercise #1

    25. Team Leadership Support Exercise #2

    26. Culture Talk Exercise

    27. The Board and Our Culture Exercise

    1. Strategy Habits Overview

    2. S1. Strategy Visibility

    3. S1. Action Items

    4. 4D Framework to Results Worksheet

    5. 7 Strata Explained

    6. 7 Strata Worksheet

    7. Vision Summary Worksheet

    8. Long Term Vision Exercise

    9. Target Customer Exercise

    10. Strengths, Weaknesses, and Trends Exercise

    11. Staff Check In Exercise

    12. One Page Strategic Plan

    13. Staff Role Play Exercise

    14. S2. Quarterly Focus

    15. S2. Actions Items

    16. Creating a System of Accountability [from Growth Mindset Bootcamp]

    17. Quarterly Priorities (Rocks)

    18. Metrics Primer

    19. Quarterly Priorities Exercise

    20. Working With The Board Exercise

    21. Quarterly Priorities With The Board Exercise

    22. Individual Contributions Exercise

    23. Staff Priorities Exercise

    24. Drafting Metrics Exercise

    25. S3. Progress Visibility

    26. S3. Action Items

    27. Sample Culture Priority: Transparency

    28. OPSP Visibility Exercise

    29. Scorecards and Dashboards Exercise

    30. Survey Your Staff Exercise

    31. Incomplete Tasks Exercise

    1. Execution Habits Overview

    2. E1. Meetings and Information Flow

    3. E1. Suggested Action Items

    4. Death by Meeting-Additional Reading

    5. The RACI Model of Accountability

    6. RACI Worksheet

    7. Who, What, When Worksheet

    8. Internal Meetings Primer

    9. Internal Staff Collaboration Exercise

    10. Daily Huddle Exercise

    11. Connector Exercise

    12. E2. Member/Customer Focus

    13. E2. Suggested Action Items

    14. Open Community-Additional Reading

    15. Open Garden-Additional Reading

    16. Voice of the Member- Additional Reading

    17. Customer Experience Exercise

    18. Peer Share Exercise

    19. CX Data Share Exercise

    20. Day On The Phone Exercise

    21. MCS In Strategy Exercise

    22. Connect With Your Members Exercise

    23. E3. Accountability

    24. E3. Suggested Action Items

    25. The Menlo Innovations Case Study

    26. FACe: Function Accountability Chart

    27. PACe: Process Accountability Chart

    28. Decision Making Roles Exercise

    29. "Stucks" Exercise

    30. Organizational Structure Exercise

    31. Staff Needs Exercise

    32. E4. Success Metrics

    33. E4. Suggested Action Items

    34. Align Quick Start Guide to Planning and Tracking

    35. KPI Check Exercise

    36. Personal Critical Number Exercise

    37. Accountability Exercise

    38. Team Accountability Exercise

    39. Morning Star Exercise

    1. CASh: Cash Acceleration Strategies Worksheet

    2. The Power of One Worksheet

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