Improve decision making and execution by clarifying your strategic path.

In this “deconstructed” virtual workshop, your team can convert your existing strategic and operational documents into a more coherent framework of targets, initiatives, priorities, and metrics that range from the next 3 months to the next 20 years. The impact on your staff will be huge:

  • Improved employee engagement. When people can see and measure their own success, they love coming to work.

  • More consistent accountability. No more confusion about what we need to do and whether we did enough.

  • Smarter, faster decisions—at every level of the organization.

Purchase the course here, and then let us know who else you want registered.

You'll be able to submit that list through the course itself, once you're in. That's also where you will be able to schedule the 4 live sessions. If you want to talk this through or have any questions about the course, just contact us.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Step 1: Registering Your Colleagues

    3. Step 2: Scheduling the 4 Live Sessions

    4. VIDEO: Overall Course Instructions

    5. VIDEO LESSON: Strategy Visibility [from Rockefeller Habits Course]

    6. VIDEO LESSON: Creating a System of Accountability [from Growth Mindset course]

    1. RESOURCE: Purpose and BHAG

    2. RESOURCE: Verne Harnish's "7 Strata of Strategy"

    3. ASSIGNMENT (and template): Submit draft Purpose and BHAG

    4. LIVE SESSION: Purpose and BHAG (20 Year Target)

    1. VIDEO LESSON: Setting 3-5-Year Targets and Capacities

    2. ASSIGNMENT (and template): Submit Your Draft Targets and Capacities

    3. LIVE SESSION: 3-5-Year Targets and Capacities

    1. VIDEO LESSON: Setting Your Annual Initiatives

    2. ASSIGNMENT (and template): Submit Your Prioritized Annual Initiatives

    3. LIVE SESSION: Annual Initiatives

    1. VIDEO LESSON: Setting Your Quarterly Rocks

    2. RESOURCE: Quarterly Rocks

    3. ASSIGNMENT (and template): Submit Your Rocks for Next Quarter

    4. LIVE SESSION: Quarterly Rocks

About this course

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  • 20 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content