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  • Embed culture into the way the senior team leads

  • Create a strategy that prioritizes measurable progress and transparency

  • Make your cash flow, something you can rely on

  • BONUS: The PROPEL Readiness Assessment is INCLUDED! Find out how well your organization scores in Culture, Strategy, and Execution.

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Course curriculum

    1. Video: What Are the Habits and Why Do They Matter?

    2. The 10 Original Rockefeller Habits

    1. Culture Habits Overview

    2. C1. Culture Visibility

    3. C2. Culture Alignment

    4. C3. The Top's Role in Culture

    5. Culture That Works Ebook

    1. Strategy Habits Overview

    2. S1. Strategy Visibility

    3. S2. Quarterly Focus

    4. S3. Progress Visibility

    1. Execution Habits Overview

    2. E1. Meetings and Information Flow

    3. E2. Member/Customer Focus

    4. E3. Accountability

    5. E4. Success Metrics

    1. Conclusion Overview

    2. What Are Your Next Steps?

    3. Culture-Driven Business Coaching from PROPEL

    4. Taking the PROPEL Readiness Assessment

    5. C1: People know what our culture is

    6. C2: We continuously align our culture with what makes us successful

    7. C3: The top of the organization lives the culture, and ensures integration with strategy and execution

    8. S1: People know what our strategy is

    9. S2: We're laser focused on what we should be doing on a quarterly basis

    10. S3: People know what our progress is

    11. E1: We are masters of internal meetings and information flow

    12. E2: We are hyper aware of what members/customers/stakeholders (MCS) want, need, and experience on a continuous basis.

    13. E3: There is zero confusion about who is accountable for what.

    14. E4: Everyone can measure their own success, every day (week, month, quarter, year…)

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