Get your team ready for what's next—with a growth mindset

Online course + half-day workshop = a team that thrives in today's world

A growth mindset embraces agility, boldness, resilience, and innovation—precisely the characteristics we need to succeed in today’s environment. And that mindset isn’t just an idea. It’s a capacity that you must build into your individual approach to the work, your team’s behaviors and processes, and your organization’s culture. We created our Growth Mindset online course to help individual leaders build that capacity at all three levels. To maximize the impact of the course, you can combine it with a half-day application workshop for your team. We’ll run three 90-minute virtual group sessions—one for each unit in the course—where we will help your team identify practical ways to apply the learning to your unique situation.

How Does it Work?

Sign up for the workshop here, and we'll work with you to schedule the workshop session(s) and get your people into the online course.

  • Pay $1,900 here for the workshop first. We'll give you a form you can then submit with the list of your team members who will be taking the course.

  • The per-person fee for the course will be 50% off the regular price ($497.50), and we'll invoice you for the total.

  • We'll then get everyone a code to get into the course, and then schedule your sessions.